While there are many ways to get to ZOOM, if users are on a Chromebook, the best way to ensure a proper sign in is as follows:

1.  On your Chromebook click the circle icon in the bottom left corner of the screen

2.  A search bar will pop up at the bottom of the screen

3.  In the search bar type "zoom" and the Zoom app will show up below the search bar, click on the Zoom app icon

4.  When the app opens you may see the following screen, from here click the "Sign In" option (if you do not see this screen you may skip to either step 5 or 6)

5.  Once you are at the Sign in screen select the "Sign in with SSO" option (again, if you do not have this screen, skip to step 6)

6.  Once you click the Sign in with SSO option you will see the following screen that will ask for your company domain, in the box type "district87" then click the blue "continue" button

7.  Now a Google sign in page will appear, you will need to type your full email address "", then press the blue "Next" button

8.  You will now need to input your password

9.  Next you should see the following screen.  You should see your name in the top left corner of the Zoom app window.  From here we suggest closing the app using the "X" in the top right corner (DO NOT click the "Logout" option as this will cause you to have to start these instructions over, please stay logged into the app).

10.  Once you have clicked the "X" and the zoom app has closed you should now be able to access your Zoom classes, we recommend using the links your teachers have listed in your Google Classrooms

11.  If a teacher has set their Zoom class to only allow authenticated users you will receive the following message after clicking the Zoom link, go ahead and click the "Sign in to Join" button.  (Please note, some students may not receive this message and will be put into the Zoom meeting without issue)

12.  You should now be connected to your Zoom class, your teacher may have to admit you if they have a waiting room but if done correctly you should see a similar screen

13.  When your class ends we recommend closing the app by clicking the "X" button in the top right and accessing your next class through the link provided in your Google Classroom page.

**Next follows the same instructions but concludes with using "Join a meeting" rather than classroom links*

1)  Click on the ZOOM Application on the toolbar

2) Choose Sign In

3)  You can select EITHER "SSO" or "Sign in with Google"

4) If choosing "SSO" type       district87        into the appropriate box

5) Whether you used "SSO" or "Sign In To Google" you should now be at a login window.  Either select your account, if provided, or enter in your credentials to sign in.  PLEASE NOTE - if you chose "Sign in With Google" instead of "Sign in with SSO" you may be asked to enter your date of birth.

6) Enter your password

7) You are now signed into the ZOOM application correctly, and can now join meetings!

Why is it essential users sign in via this method?

Back-end security settings are often enabled to prevent "non" District87 students and users from accessing ZOOM meetings.  By providing each student with the ability to "sign in," we can verify that they are using appropriate school accounts and can be trusted to admit into meetings.

For any technical issues, please submit a helpdesk ticket.