Preferred ZOOM Log-in Method (Current 3/8/21)

Modified on Mon, 08 Mar 2021 at 09:18 AM

Proper Student ZOOM Login

Properly logging into the ZOOM application reduces the overall number of issues faced by students.  For Video instructions, click here.

1.  Click the small circle in the bottom left of your Chromebook to open the the "Launcher."  If you already see ZOOM listed, click on it here (not in Symbaloo). 

2.  If ZOOM was not listed on the initial "Shelf," type in ZOOM in the search bar and launch when it appears as an option.

3.  Go to the "Sign In" page and choose "Sign in with SSO"

4.  Under "Company Domain" type     district87        then click Continue

5. You may now Sign-in using your District87 provided credentials (Do NOT try to create a new account or sign in with an account other than your own).  


6.  You are now signed into ZOOM, and may minimize the ZOOM launcher.

At this point, you may access your ZOOM classroom in any preferred method - Most likely by clicking a link sent to you by your teacher in Google Classroom.  Additionally, if you know your teacher's ZOOM meeting code, it can be entered manually under the option "Join a meeting." 

Tips and troubleshooting:

1) If any of the above steps do not work for you, please discuss with your teacher or with the Media Center Specialist, and ask that they submit a helpdesk ticket for you.

2) These instructions are primarily meant for those students who are not able to access ZOOM at all, or who are using it for the first time.  If you have already signed in to ZOOM in the past, and are having success using a different method to login, that method should continue to work for the time being.  The instructions above are the documented preferred method by the Technology department.

3)  If all else fails, don't be afraid to sign out of the application or the chromebook, and then attempt to sign back in.  This can often lead to success.

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