Printing from Chromebooks (Students AND Staff)

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How to Print from Chromebooks

To make printing easier for students and staff, the technology department has deployed an extension called "Mobility Print."  This app simplifies the setup of existing district printers.

Follow these instructions in order to quickly and easily add a District printer to your chromebook or chromebox.


The mobility print extension has already been pushed to all student accounts.  To print, follow these instructions:

Step 1 - Open a document that you would like to print.  For this example, we are using a standard Google Doc.  Use your preferred method to print.  In this example, we are clicking the print icon on the toolbar.


Step 2 - When the Print Dialogue window appears, click the Destination drop down menu, and choose "See more..."

Step 3 - You should now see a list of District printers with the "Mobility Print" icon next to them. 

Ask your teacher the name of the correct printer.  You can either scroll through the list of printers, or, type the name of the printer into the search window.  Then, click on the printer you want to use.  In the example below, we've searched for a printer at the High School.

Step 4 - Your printer should now appear in the "Destination" window.  You may now click "Print"

Step 5 - A sign in window will appear.  Type in your District87 provided username and password (example:    HatHat**  ).  NOTE - If you are printing multiple documents, you will only need to sign in the first time.

Congratulations!  You've printed!


As most staff members do not use a Chromebook, Mobility Print has not yet been pushed to staff devices.  If you are a Teacher/Staff using a Chromebook or Chromebox, OR, if you are a student but Mobility Print is not showing up, look through these instructions.

Staff Step 1 - You'll have to manually install the extension Mobility Print.  The easiest way is to open a Chrome Browser and go to this link  

OR do a Google Search for "Chrome Extensions Mobility Print" as seen in this screenshot.

Staff Step 2 - If you searched, a link to the Chrome extension will be one of your first search results.  The link will take you to this screen.  Next to the Mobility Print title, click "Add to Chrome."  If you do not see this window, go back and search again or use the link provided.  If the button next to Mobility Print says "Launch" rather than "Add to Chrome," read to the end for troubleshooting.

Staff Step 3 - Once you have clicked "Add to Chrome" an additional window will appear.  click "Add app."

Staff Step 4 - At this point, your extension will install.  Launching the extension will only display this instruction screen.  To use the extension, you'll have to open a document and attempt to print.  See the above student instructions for information on use.

Troubleshooting We have found that in many situations, a "reboot" will be required before MobilityPrint will work properly.  Restarting the Chromebook will allow it to fully install the application, as well as update all local district policies that need to be applied to the device.  Signing out may not be sufficient, so make sure to click the Power button seen in this example picture.

If restarting does not fix your issue, please submit a helpdesk ticket, or if you are a student, address the issue with your teacher.

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