In order to combat Zoom bombing we recently had teachers turn on "Allow Authenticated Users Only" in their Zoom settings and any created Zoom meetings.  We have run into some issues with students not being allowed to enter class after this option has been turned on so we did some testing and have a solution.  In order for students to be able to connect to authenticated meetings they need to sign into the Zoom extension within Google Chrome.  Below are the steps students will need to follow to get signed in.

1.  Open Google Chrome and click the Zoom extension icon in the top right corner of the browser.

2.  Within the window that opens click "Sign in with SSO"

3.  Enter your district email address, this will be your student ID followed by then click the blue "Continue" button

4.  You should now be signed into the extension and you can confirm this by clicking the Zoom extension icon again and it should show your email address at the top and the options below will say "Schedule a Meeting", "Start a Meeting" and "Sign Out".

Students should now be able to join an "Authenticated Zoom session"