QR Code Scanner Not Working

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QR Code scanners allow a device to recognize codes using the camera app on iPads and most other modern mobile devices.

Example of a QR Code:

What do they do?

These codes are most often used as a "shortcut" for website URLs, so instead of typing: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0DPdy98e4c", we can simply scan a code and a notification will appear that will lead you directly to the webpage. Unless a login is required by the destination webpage, no typing or searching was required to get there.

This can be very beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Mainly, it can save a lot of in-class time by having specific videos and websites accessible at the push of a single button.

What are some problems I might run into?

Note: These problems/solutions are for specifically for iPads. When trying a solution, always start from the home screen.

Problem 1: 

The camera is not highlighting the QR code AND is not displaying the push notification that takes you to it's destination.


  • Make sure that the setting to scan QR codes are enabled on your device. To reach this setting option, follow this path:

"Settings" App > "Camera" (tab on the left side, may have to scroll down) > "Scan QR codes"

  • Currently, this setting is enabled by default but there may be times when it is unintentionally disabled. Once it is enabled, your camera should start recognizing QR codes.
  • If no push notification appears after your device begins to recognize the QR codes, refer to Problem 2 solution below.

Problem 2:


The camera is highlighting the QR code BUT the push notification is not being displayed.


  • Make sure that your iPad is completely up to date. To check if your iPad needs to be updated, follow this path:

"Settings" App > "General" (tab on the left side) > "Software Update"

  • If your device requires an update, there will be a box on the right side of the display detailing the version of the update, and also some changes that the update may include. 
  • The update may be in various stages of installation, and usually you will have to press "Download and Install", but you may only have an "Install" button. This is fine. Either way, the update will run and your device will restart after a varying amount of time.
  • Once your device restarts, QR codes should be displaying a push notification once you scan them with your camera, as intended.

Problem 3:

The QR code I am scanning is not being recognized on ANY device.


  • If you used a QR code generator to create your own QR code, make sure that it will scan when being displayed on the device you created it on.
    • If you created it on your laptop, try scanning it with a mobile device while on your laptop display.
    • If your code is still not being recognized, you may need to create another one to try again.
  • If you can scan it directly from the device you created or downloaded it from, but it won't recognize the same code printed on paper, ensure that the entire QR code was printed and not cut off on any side and that the ink is uniform throughout.

If your problem is not listed, or you tried a solution and it did not work, submitting a helpdesk ticket should be your next step. 

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