The network password policy has changed over the years and has settled into something both secure and easy to use.  First, let’s start out with the password policy in District 87.

Password must be a minimum of 8 characters.

Password must also contain 3 of the following 4 attributes:

  • upper-case letter (A, B, C, …. Z)
  • lower-case letter (a, b, c, …… z)
  • number (0, 1, 2, 3, ….. 9)
  • special character or symbol such as: ~!@#$%^&*()_+.,”‘:;

You may not include part of your name in your password.

The system remembers 20 of your passwords, so anytime you change it you must use a new one.

You will be locked from using your account for 10 minutes if you enter your password incorrectly ten times.  You can wait 10 minutes or call technology at 828-7115.

This might seem like a lot, but doing this will keep your password from being guessed (that is unless you put a post-it note on your monitor).  This creates another issue - how to remember your password.  There are a few ways to create easy passwords that are both complex and easy to remember:

  • Take two words and combine them with a symbol.  Ex: Six.Flags
  • Take a phrase: We love teaching kids all Day long.  Add a symbol to it and you get: Wltkadl!

If you reset your password it might be a good idea to perhaps use a numeric key in your password so you can just change a few characters yet change your password.  (i.e. Ex543Tsi changes to Ex210Tsi)

It is important never to share your password with anyone no matter what.  If you must share your password, immediately reset it after the person is done using it.  If you forget your password you can put in a helpdesk ticket (if you can get on a computer) or call technology at 828-7115 for assistance.  Technology cannot tell you your password but can change it for you.

Need to reset your password?

If you are using a Windows PC you can simply hit Control+Alt+Delete and choose change password. Users will need to be onsite at a District 87 building using their District 87 issued Windows computer (or another Windows computer in the building) in order to reset their password.

While attempting to reset your password, if you receive the message your passwords do not match, be sure you are entering your old password in the first box and your new password in the second and third boxes:

 Old password in first box and new password in second and third boxes