Here in this article, you'll learn how to switch audio sources on your device.

Why would I need to switch my audio source?


Good question! When you plug any peripheral device that can put out audio or record, your computer will then register the device as an audio source. This then can change the audio output on the computer.

Examples below: 

Classroom setups: You have two monitors (ASUS) with built-in speakers connecting to your docking station, classroom smartboard, document camera, classroom speakers & laptop. That is 5 different audio sources you can play sound from.

Office setups: Desktop or docking station will basically be the same as the classroom setup but without the smartboard. That will leave you with 4 basic audio sources. Monitor, document camera, external speakers & laptop( if you have a docking station). 

Switching audio sources 

To switch your audio source on your device go to the lower-right hand side of the desktop. Locate your audio sourcesSpeaker Icon). Click on the speaker icon and a little window will appear. In the window, you'll see your audio name & volume. To switch the audio source click on the little arrow pointing up that will bring up multiple audio sources that are currently hooked up to your setup.

See picture below