In this guide, you will be able to troubleshoot your touch connectivity issue and smart ink issue for your classroom smartboard. 

The following picture below will show the types of smart extenders you might have connected to your workstation.

Step 1: Identify your smart hardware! (Make sure they are fully connected).

Type-CAT5-XT-1100-Dual Smart extender

Type(CAT5-XT)(R1) UnitB all in one smart extender


Note: This picture above is for those whose smartboard is next to your workstation.

Step 2: Go to your smart settings.

Windows search bar>Smart Settings>Locate Connection Wizard.

(Note: You only have to wait for the progression bar to say 100%. You can click exit once you are done.)

Step 3: Test your smartboard! Make sure Touch & Smart Ink works.

If steps1-3 did not work. Try unplugging and replugging your smart extenders back in and try steps 1-3 again.