Standard Dock Workstation with laptop connected:

Most dock workstations will have more peripherals than this (smartboard, document camera, etc.) but you may follow this guide in order to make the most of your workspace and the equipment you have been provided.

Start here:

  • Before plugging in the dock USB-C cable to your laptop, make sure the laptop is powered on.
  • Lock the laptop and close the lid. (Windows key + P will lock the device.)
    • If you are logged into the device with the lid open, simply closing the lid will lock the device so that you must re-enter your password to continue.
  • Plug your password-locked, closed-lid laptop to the docking station and position it wherever makes the best use of space on your desk. This can be standing on it's side or in any orientation that does not strain the USB-C cable.
  • Once your laptop is connected to your docking station, press the circular power button on the top of the dock to bring it to the login screen on your monitors.
  • This will allow you to use your laptop as you would a desktop.

If these steps did not work for you, please check out this guide on Unresponsive Docks also:

If you are still having trouble connecting your laptop to your dock, please submit a helpdesk ticket.