For Display and Touch:

In order to use the touch functionality of the smartboard, you must connect both a video cable AND a USB cable to your device. Additionally, the device that you are using MUST have Smart product drivers (notebook, ink etc.) installed and completely up-to-date. Plug in the board’s power cable to get started.


  • There are 3 options for video cables, HDMI, Display Port, and VGA. You can find them on the back of the smartboard, on the same side that the power and volume controls are.

  • The Secondary HDMI port is located to the right of the board if you are looking directly at the display from the front. It is grouped with the power and volume controls.


Note: If there are not already cables in these ports to connect your laptop with, check the blue bin on the bottom of the rolling cart that the board is sitting on.


  • Once your device is connected via the video and USB cables, press the “Input” button at the bottom of the smartboard display and select the input that you used to connect your device.


  • From here, your device’s screen should be displayed on the smartboard. Press “Windows + p” at the same time on your device’s keyboard to switch between the “Duplicate” and “Extend” display settings.


For Display only:

When you only need to use the display functionality of the smartboard and not the touch, you can use the “Screen Sharing” setting on the board. No cables are required to connect your device using this method.


  • Turn on the Smartboard, click on the small gray menu button at the bottom of the display to choose “Screen Share.


  • On the device you are connecting to the smartboard, search for “Bluetooth and other device settings” in the windows search box.


  • Select, “+ Add Bluetooth and other device.”

  • Select “Wireless display or dock” when prompted for the kind of device. 


  • Allow at least 30 seconds for the Smartboard name to appear.


  • Double click on the name of the smartboard you are connecting to.


  • You should be able to see the screen from your laptop displayed on the board. Press “Windows + p” on your device at the same time to change between the “Duplicate” and “Extend” settings. 


Disconnecting from Smartboard:

  • Go back to “Bluetooth and other device settings” in system settings.
  • Click on the name of the name of the Bluetooth device you’d like remove and choose “Remove device.