Typically, monitoring students using Hapara is done via Google Classroom classes and student schedules.  The source system feeding Google Classroom the schedule/roster data is Skyward. 

Also, Google Classroom classes require that the student to use a join code in order to enter and participate in the Google Classroom class before the staff member is able to monitor them via Hapara.

There are situations where a more dynamic unstructured approach is needed from the above approach.

Hapara has its own "Classrooms" feature that staff members can use to create their own Hapara Classrooms, separate from Google Classroom.  

After created, these Hapara Classrooms have the ability to allow staff to dynamically add students to that Hapara Classroom which do not require a join code to be entered by the student so the staff member can immediately start monitoring the student's activities.

All D87 Staff members should have the ability in Hapara to create these Hapara Classrooms.

The steps to create a Hapara Classroom are as follows:

  1. In Manage Classes when logged into Hapara, click +Add new class up the top right
  2. Select Create a class
  3. Enter a Class name, then select Add Class
  4. On the Class Info page for the new Class, choose Add New to add teachers or students to the class

Memberships of these manually created classes can be updated on the go via the Class Info tab.