Process for Lost or Stolen Device:

When a device is reported as lost or stolen, the following process will be followed:

  1. Lost or stolen devices are reported to the building chromebook point person to who should:

    1. Open a helpdesk ticket 

    2. Update the devices asset status in Incident IQ as either ‘Lost’ or ‘Stolen’

  2. Helpdesk ticket will be escalated to the Director of Technology.

  3. The Director of Technology will contact the building principal.

  4. Building principal will capture the incident within Skyward Discipline, and report the incident to District 87 Director of Security or building security designee.

  5. Director of Security or designee will work with principal / family on police report, if warranted. 

  6. District 87 will issue an invoice to the family on record and communicate with the building principal on the status of terms.