District 87 Video Surveillance System

Roles and Responsibilities

Updated for 21-22

Please note:  The current video surveillance system is being replaced in 2021-22, after serving D87 for over 20 years.  The roles of the system will change sometime during this year, as Brian Evans, Safety and Security, will be overseeing the system use / training once implemented. 

While awaiting the new system, below are the current roles and responsibilities, should an issue arise.

Building Technician Responsibilities

  1. Client Software training and troubleshooting

  2. Account Access


  1. DVR Hardware/Server software

Facilities Responsibilities

  1. Physical Camera, including the cable

  2. Aiming and moving

  3. Adding and deleting

Building Point Person Responsibilities (non-tech)

  1. Check Cameras Periodically

  2. Report problems to the appropriate group

  3. Cameras named per the maps printed and approved by cabinet

Client software issues/questions

  1. Reports the problem in the technology via helpdesk ticket

  2. If issue is diagnosed as a DVR issue, ticket is routed to systems group

Cameras are not working or showing video

  1. Building point person puts in a facilities helpdesk ticket and verifies is fixed when complete

Cameras need Repositioned, Moved, or adjusted (blurry)