District 87 Camera System Roles, Responsibilities, and Support Processes

Modified on Wed, 31 Jan 2024 at 01:23 PM

D87/Contractor Responsibilities

D87 Safety and Security Group:

    1.  Approval of access for all users of the camera system

    2. Manages initial vendor contact around support tickets or other required work.

    3. Initial point of contact for all physical camera additions, moves, or current issues.

D87 Building Technicians Group:

  1. Camera client software installation, configuration, updates, and post install/upgrade verification via the D87 Helpdesk.
    Post install/upgrade verification check list:  LINK (coming soon)

D87 Systems Group:

  1. Enabling approved users and their appropriate access level of access as instructed by the director of safety and security via a D87 helpdesk request.

  2. Operating System/Security related patching of the camera server related infrastructure.

  3. Network switch monitoring/configuration backup

Seico (3rd Party Contractor) Responsibilities:

  • All Camera server software related configuration, troubleshooting, and updates.

  • All Camera client questions around functionality, features, and training.

  • All Camera related work including: Mounting, Cabling, Moving, Aiming, Adding/Deleting Cameras from the system, and Warranty work.

Specific Scenerios:

Cameras are not working or showing video

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