District 87 supports the replacement of Smart Panels in grades PreK-2.

SmartBoards and Promethean boards in grades 3 and up are considered "end of life" and will be supported via"best effort", which means technicians will attempt to fix mechanical issues.  If the fix requires parts, replacement, or more than reasonable "best effort", the affected boards will not be supported.  If you would like a Smart Board or Promethean that is "end of life" removed, please submit a Facilities helpdesk ticket for removal.  

Smartboards in grades 3-5 that are designated "end of life", will be upgraded to interactive panels.  Replacement will occur in order that building technicians have designated a Smart or Promethean board as "end of life" within the helpdesk.  Interactive panel replacements are limited by annual replacement purchasing, and while supplies last.

Although Smart and Promethean boards at grades 6-12 will not be replaced, the projection units will continue to be supported.

Replacement Procedure:

1. Technician responds to a helpdesk ticket and determines if the smartboard has non-mechanical issues which cannot be repaired.

2. If non-functioning, the technician makes a private note in the helpdesk ticket, with Jim Peterson and Tammi Lapinski to get approval for replacement.  With Tammi being included so that she can keep track of stock of the interactive panels at the ESC.

3. If approved, the building technician opens a ticket with facilities with the building, room #, and any other instructions needed.

4. Facilities picks up the interactive flat panel from the ESC, takes down the old smart board, mounts the new interactive panel, and returns the defective smart board to the ESC for recycling.  Facilities closes the ticket which notifies the technician.

5. The technician verifies with the teacher the interactive panel has been installed and working correctly.

6. Tammi orders another interactive panel to replace the one removed from the ESC.