New Students:

After the initial building chrome book handout, new students needing chrome books should be provided devices by the designated building chrome book point person unless the building has specifically worked out an alternative workflow for new students with their technician.  (Some buildings use the office for this).

1. The building chrome book point person (or building designated staff) should follow the following procedure:

  1. Remove both the chrome book and charger from the bag
  2. Scan the new chrome AND charger from their provided inventory in IncidentIQ
  3. Assign both the chrome book and the charger to that student
  4. Change IncidentIQ device Asset Status for both the chrome book and charger from either LMC Spare or Office Spare to In Service

Existing student chrome book / charger swap out procedure:

Students with an existing chrome book or charger that is suspected of being defective should be directed to that building's chrome book point person for a replacement.

The replacement procedure should be as follows:

1. Student provides existing defective chrome book or charger to the building chrome book point person.

2. The building chrome book point person scans the defective device in IncidentIQ and performs the following:

  1. Updates the device's Incident IQ Asset Status as 'Broken'
  2. Unassigns the defective device from the student and places it in an area for their building technician to pickup for repair
  3. Scans and assigns a new device (from their building technician provided spare inventory) to the student also updating the IncidentIQ Asset Status from LMC Spare to In Service

Note:  Building technician's should be in contact to pickup defective devices on an agreed upon schedule with the building chrome book point person.  The building technician should also be in contact with the building chrome book point person to make sure they have an adequate stock of available spares.  

Building technicians keep a supply of chrome books and chargers at each building in a secured area with an IncidentIQ status of 'In Storage'.  Before new inventory/spares are delivered to Office or LMC areas they will update the IncidentIQ device asset status to reflect this change.

Lost/Stolen/Intentional Damage Chrome Book:

Link to existing document

Forgotten Chrome Book or Charger:

Buildings are responsible for determining if and how they would like to handle short-term replacements.  Buildings will be responsible for maintaining and keeping track of any devices.