If you delete a file or folder from either your personal Google Drive or a Shared Drive, there is a Recycle Bin called "Trash". If the file or folder was deleted in the last 30 days, you can restore the file yourself by simply going to the Trash folder in Drive. You can only do this online via browser, the option is not available via the "G Drive". The Trash feature is available for both students and staff and available online from anywhere.

There is a dropdown to change it from "My Drive" to any of the Shared Drives you have access to if the file was on a Shared Drive. The same 30 day rule applies for Shared Drives and it will show all files deleted by anyone using that Shared Drive.

If the file is missing from the Trash or you emptied it accidentally we do have backups we can go to. Please submit a helpdesk ticket with the following details.

  • If the files or folders are on your Google Drive or a Shared Drive.
  • The approximate location of the deleted files or folders.
  • A last date you can remember the files existing. This is useful in particular if it has been over 6+ months.

Restores from Backup can take some time and will most likely be delivered to a different folder to avoid any issues. As much information you can provide us will help to speed up the process.