Issue - D'nealian Fonts do not show up on font list in Word and other office applications. When installation of the fonts is attempted, it does not work.

Cause - The D'nealian Fonts are not installed on the computer. When the classical CD Installation is tried it fails due to the fact that the application is a 16-bit application.

Fix - The Fonts, luckily, can be installed without the application. Technology has provided the Font list that just needs to be Drag'd and Drop'd into the local Font Folder. Follow the steps below to install the fonts:

  • Go to the X Drive shortcut on your Desktop and then go to SharedApps -> Applications -> Font
    • You can get there by going to
    • Desktop -> X Drive -> SharedApps -> Applications -> Font

  • Minimize Font folder for now.
  • Click the Search Area near the Start Menu type in Font
  • Open the Font folder that appears under "Control Panel"
  • Now go back to the X Drive Font folder and select all the fonts in there. This can be easily done by clicking one of the files and then pressing Ctrl+A.
    • Ctrl+A is the keyboard shortcut for "Select All"
  • Now drag all the selected font files from the X Drive Font folder to the Font folder you just opened.
  • It will install the fonts automatically and you will now be able to use them in Office programs.