With Adobe Flash going away in 2020, Chrome is making it harder and harder to run Flash-based applications.  We are seeing this most frequently in programs such as "Reading Counts" and "SRI".

Please follow these steps to make sure Chrome is not blocking Adobe plug-ins

Step 1

When you see this window, Click on the Adobe Flash logo in the center of the screen

Step 2

If you see the words "Plugin Blocked" pop up, you know that Chrome is blocking Adobe.  Click on the puzzle-piece looking icon.

Step 3

After clicking on the "puzzle" icon, choose the "manage" button

Step 4

In the Flash Settings window, click on the slider to set Chrome to "ask first" when using Flash, otherwise it will block by default.  After you've done this, you can go back to the page you were on and refresh.

Step 5

NOW when you click on the Flash Icon in the middle of the screen, a set of options should appear.  Simply click on "allow" and you should be able to access the page you were attempting to use initially.