Installing G-Suite Sync and Google File Stream

(For returning users who kept their laptops over summer)

Click the Start/Windows button in the bottom left corner of your screen and type “Control Panel”

Once the Control Panel is up click the drop down menu in the top right labeled “Category” and change this to “Small Icons” (Please note that you can change this setting back after you have finished this process but for our purposes, this is the easiest path to the settings we need)

Once you are in the small icons view click on “Configuration Manager”

You should now be at the “Configuration Manager Properties Window and you will need to click the “Actions” Tab

Once on the “Actions” tab click the “Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle” and then click “Run Now”

Now navigate back to the Start/Windows button and type “Software Center”, once in Software Center it will default to the Applications tab and eventually the “Google File Stream” and “G Suite Sync” will show up and will automatically begin to install

At this point, you can close all the windows we opened during this process and change your control panel view settings back to Category if you would like.