Resource Calendars are Shared, Public Calendars that have been added to Google that can be used by multiple staff members for booking and managing resources (such as rooms or labs). These calendars can only be created by the Technology department, but once they are made they can be accessed by Staff members who have been given permissions to them. If you need to access or view one of these calendars, please follow these directions to find them.

  1. Visit to go to your Gmail Calendar if you are already logged in.
  2. Scroll down to Other Calendars in the bottom left hand side and hit the + button to add a Calendar
  3. From the Dropdown choose "Browse Resources"
  4. You will be presented with a list of Resources. You might not have access to everything you see here. Find your resource and click on the checkbox to add it to your calendar list (Alternatively, if you click on the eye it will open a website to view the calendar. If you do not wish to add it to your calendar you can bookmark that page to view the calendar independently)
  5. Click the Back arrow to go back to your Calendar
  6. The new Calendar should show up in "Other Calendars". You can then view the calendar entries in your Calendar. You can also toggle off the calendar if you do not wish to view the entries.