During the email migration we moved all of your "H drive" over to Google so they can be accessed anywhere you have access to the cloud. If you wish to continue to access your files through a drive in Windows 10, you need to run the "Drive File Stream" software on your computer to set it up. It is a few simple steps.

Open the Start Menu and scroll down to "Drive File Stream" click on it to run the Google File Stream Software.

You will be greeted by a login to Google. Put in your email address and hit Next.

It will then follow up with asking for your password. Put in your password for your account (the same one you logged into the machine with).

If everything is working properly you will be greeted with a Welcome screen. Hit the next arrow a few times to continue on.

At the end there will be an option to open your Google Drive folder. Click on the button.

It will open a Windows File Explorer Window and a link to My Drive. If you see this, congratulations, you have access to your Google Drive.

If you ever need to get back to your "G Drive" you can click on the Windows Explorer Icon in the Taskbar and then it will be under "Quick Access" and "This PC"