Once the email migration is complete, the easiest way is to use the Gmail Application on your phone as we are using Google for Email. It will ask for your email address (the same as before the change) and your password, which will be the same password you used to login before. It will then automatically login and start pulling down your email. For the best support, we also recommend using Google's own applications for Calendar and Contacts, but other programs will also work if they have the option to seamlessly connect to Gmail.

Android - Phone or Tablet

If you do not have the Gmail application already installed, simply open the Google Play Store and search for it. Install it, and then put your your district email address and password.

Apple - Phone or Tablet

Open the App Store and search for Gmail. Install it, and then put in your district email address and password.

Two Gmail Accounts on 1 Phone

It is possible to setup 2 Gmail accounts on one phone if you wish to have both your personal and district email on one device. You can change between the two and in some cases see both together. If you wish to keep them separated, you will need to use another application that supports accessing a Gmail account and then set it up.