In order to use Outlook with Google Mail you will need to use the G Suite Sync Software installed on your computer. In order to setup the software please follow these simple steps. (Note: You do not need to use Outlook to access your email, you may use the web version instead -

Open the Start menu and scroll down to the  "G Suite Sync" folder, open it and then run "Set up a G Suite Sync user".

It will launch the G Suite Sync software and ask for your email address. Put in your district email address. Be sure to keep Remember me checked. Hit Continue.

It will then launch the default web browser and ask you to continue. It should auto fill in your email, but if it doesn't make sure to provide it.

It will then ask you for your password. This is your District Password, so provide that and hit Next.

It will then tell you it is going to grant access to the Sync Tools, please scroll down to the bottom and Click Allow. (If you receive an error message about Cookies close the browser and try again).

Once complete it will show you a profile dialog in the G Suite Sync tool again. Just leave it at the Defaults and click "Create Profile"

Once done, it should tell you the setup is complete and ask you if you want to Start Outlook, go ahead and click on the button.

It will Open Outlook and the Sync Tool will be running in the front and Outlook should be open. If you have other Outlook profiles, it might ask you to choose one to open (choose the one that says G Suite).

IIt can take some time to pull down all your email, it should start loading the most recent data first. If you wish you can remove the checkbox to "Open this window when Microsoft Outlook starts" as it will run in the background and not show you the sync window.

Congrats, your email is now setup. You should only have to do this process once, afterwards it will remember your username/password.