Your student takes their device home to do their homework at night.  When they come back to school the next day, they say they could not connect to the internet at home or it was "blocked."  They know they correctly typed their WiFi passwords and were connecting to the correct home network.

The issue is most likely Global Protect not connecting properly.

One quick way to see if this is the issue is to look at the task bar.  If the Global Protect Icon appears "Grayed out" or has a red "x", then it has not connected to the district's filtering software.  Alternatively, when clicking on the Global Protect icon, the connection status will open and show as "Connection Failed."

The quickest way to fix this is to SIGN OUT  (NOT REBOOT) and then sign back in.

The reason a "sign out" works while a "reboot" does not is network connectivity is maintained, or in other words, the device is still doing its best to connect to the internet.  The built in hardware never turns off.  

Thus, when the user signs back in, GlobalProtect is able to communicate with District 87 servers and establish a connection.

If this troubleshooting step does not work, or if there are any other issues at all, please remember to send your student to the Repair Annex located next to the IMC at the Junior High or in room 213 in the High School.


You should see this icon in the system tray:

If your Global Protect is connected but web pages still say they are blocked, try "refreshing" the pages or closing and re-opening your web browser.