Some have experienced issues when trying to attach a file to an email in Outlook in which the drop down menu for attachments disappears almost instantly and they are not able to attach a file.  Signing out of Office 365 resolves this issue, please use the following steps if you are having trouble with the attachment drop down menu.

Step 1 - Close Outlook

Step 2 - Open Microsoft Word

Step 3 - In the top right corner of Word you should see your district email address, underneath your username there will be a clickable option labeled "Switch Account", click this.

Step 4 - A new window will appear now, select "SIGN OUT" at the top

Step 5 - Another "Sign out" option will appear to the right of your credentials in the "Accounts" window, click "Sign out"

Step 6 - A smaller "Remove Account" window will now pop up, click "Yes"

Step 7 - Sign back into Office 365 - now you should be back at the document select screen in word, in the upper right hand corner click "Sign in to get the most out of Office"

Step 8 - A "Sign in" window will pop up, enter your district credentials and sign in

The add attachment drop down in Outlook should now be working correctly.